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Accept the currency of the internet - Credit Cards. - with your own Merchant Account.

Look at the hot features in this SFI Marketing Group EXCLUSIVE package:

  • Super low rates ...
    - Internet - 2.39%
    - Storefront - 1.69%
  • 97% acceptance rate and less than $100 gets you started!
  • Everything you need to get your business online and selling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
  • Complete with Website Builder (no HTML programming required)
  • Includes shopping cart, cataloging, and advanced reporting.
  • Secure and real-time credit card payment processing. Accept credit cards, day and night, from anywhere in the world.
  • Accept credit cards over-the-counter, over the phone, by mail order or over the internet.
  • Extensive support
  • The fastest, easiest way to get your business online
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If you are only interested in more information at this time, click the links throughout this Website or you can go ahead and complete our quick application now. Either way, you will be provided with all information on your desired products and services before you purchase.

Whether you are a small business, internet business, home-based, restaurant or retail business, has the e-commerce products that offer solutions to increase your business' sales.

What are the 8 main reasons why your business should accept credit cards? Find out, and see how you can increase your sales and profits. is a one-stop commerce solution provider. Why deal with a multitude of vendors when we can provide you all the solutions from one source? When you deal with different vendors, it is up to you to integrate the products like a giant puzzle. Let us provide you with easy-to-integrate components. Spend more time making money, and less time solving problems. is pleased to announce that we can accept merchants from countries outside the United States.
An online application will be available here soon.

Besides offering a full suite of E-Commerce solutions, also provides virtually any Point-of-Sale equipment for businesses such as retail, restaurant and phone/mail order.